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Georgia B. Williams Nursing Home, Inc.

Georgia B. Williams Nursing Home Inc. is a non-profit organization established to memorialize the historic residence owned and operated by the late Beatrice Borders, a third generation midwife, who opened her home to be a safe haven for thousands of African American mothers to deliver their babies in a healthy environment. GBWNH, Inc. was organized in an effort to make sure that her home that once served many communities in southwest Georgia continue its service by accomplishing the three objectives listed below. These objectives fulfill GBWNH, Inc.'s mission and vision. The objectives are:

1. To restore the edifice so that it will become one of the nation's and state's historic tourist attractions;

2. To serve as an educational center for the youth in the surrounding communities, especially in Mitchell County;

3. To offer an annual scholarship to three graduating female seniors seeking a professional degree in midwifery and as a childcare provider.

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